Shady Sun Mist- Rose Gold

Shady Sun Mist- Rose Gold


This light, moisturizing dry-oil sparkles with the subtle reflections of natural mica. The keyword is subtle-this is not body glitter!  So what can you expect?  + Finishes dry, so no greasy feeling once absorbed  + Hydrates tans with coconut and safflower oils while      natural mica shows them off  + Pigments slightly alter tan's appearance without      overtaking your look  + Helps define muscles like no other  + Unscented to pair easier with your customers' other      favorite cosmetic items  + Can be used with or without a tan  + Safe for face & body (also works on hair)

**HOW TO USE: Shake well before use- this product is natural and separation is normal. Spritz on directly to skin and rub over desired areas using circular motions. Wash hands after use. 

Mists wash off after showering.

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