Shady Sun Tanning Foam

Shady Sun Tanning Foam


Our fast drying tanning mousse creates a perfect summer bronzed glow. Best part is, your skin is left feeling smooth and soft – not tight or dry. That's why we have people from all over US and Canada moving to the Shady Nation from other large global brands- quality ingredients and an amazing at-home tan with Shady Foam.  So what can you expect?  + Light weight, fast acting tanning mousse  + Caramel bronzers instantly provide a streak-free tan  + Safe for face and body  + No need for multiple products- layer on to get darker  + Full tan develops over time, shower time is 6-8 hours

**HOW TO USE: Apply to clean exfoliated skin using a tanning mitt (1-2 ounces per application is best). If applied for day ware, allow to dry thoroughly before dressing. Avoid contact with water, showering, or perspiring for 8-12 hours for a beautiful Shady Tan. You may see a small amount of color in water when showering the first time, but your tan will remain (this is just the bronzer and any extra solution your skin couldn't absorb).


*SHADY TIP: This is a darker product, use lightly on hands, feet, joints to create the most natural looking tan.

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