Classic Set

120 mins

Our unique placement of individual lashes provides a natural look to every set of eyes. One eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash. Therefore if you have 75 lashes 75 lash extensions will be applied. Classic set is suitable for people who are looking for a natural look.


Hybrid Set

120 min

The Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash applications used on one set of lashes, classic set and volume set. There are a variety of benefits of Hybrid lashes, if your natural lashes aren’t thick then Hybrid lashes will achieve a fuller look to fill in any empty gaps.


Volume Set

180 mins

Volume is the use of multiple ultra fine extensions, that are hand created at the time of application by the lash artist using specially designed tweezers. The lash artists creates fans of eyelash extensions that are then applied to the natural lash. This creates an extra fluff, coverage and fullness that cannot be created using classic application. Even though we use multiple extensions, the fan is still placed on one individual isolated natural lash with zero damage.


2 week & 3 week fills

60 mins
$55 & up

Fills are simply new lashes placed on natural lashes as the old ones fall off. Ideally you will come in every two-three weeks, longer wait times mean it will take longer to fill the lashes as more lashes will need to be filled.

Factors that can influence how often your client is seen for fills may include:

-what they do to care for their lashes.

-how much makeup they use on the lashes

-what kinds of products the extensions are being exposed to

-how the client sleeps, i.e. on their back or on their face or side where the pillow is rubbing the eyes.

-if the lashes are exposed to heat or water, etc.




Waxing is hair removal from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of they hair being on different human hair growth cycle.